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's such a super day. super tuesday has become super wednesday. mitt romney racking up six super states, including that classic cliff hanger in ohio. he's kind of talking like it's over, but did he land that knockout blow? >> no. >> if your support really means everything to ann and me, and i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> while rick santorum wins three states because mitt romney still cannot convince conservatives that he's the man. we're taking a look at the exit polls. this is my favorite part actually. different numbers are revealing some big problems for the front-runner. christine romans is breaking it all down. she's going to talk about electability and the economy and what folks are saying about that. >> i'm not sure it's my favorite part because the information is so revealing or whether it's christine romans, who's my favorite person. we're going to get to her in a moment. but after taking the most states and the most delegates on super tuesday, mitt romney walking the walk and talking the talk, pretty much looking like the nominee, but all candidates a
: good evening. i'm bret baier. mitt romney held serve on his home court in michigan and swept through arizona in two crucial primary wins tuesday. now romney and the three g.o.p. challengers focus on washington state saturday and super tuesday next week. we begin the coverage with chief political correspondent carl cameron in ohio. >> with a slim 3.2-point win in michigan, mitt romney arrived in ohio, the crucial test six days from now on super tuesday. 11 states will hold contests. >> a big night last night for me. i was pleased. good news. >> michigan's 30 delegates up in the air but will be shared. >> we had a better night than reported we ran dead even in michigan. the really important part, delegates. that is what this is about. we are going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. he is going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. [ applause ] >> michigan g.o.p. officials not yet a gaited all the delegates. to date, romney has 165 overall. rick santorum, 85. gingrich, 32. ron paul, 19. it takes 1144 to win. super tuesday offers 166, the biggest day yet -- 466. the biggest
. donald trump has been asked by mitt romney to go out to ohio and campaign for him. >> is that right? >> yeah. he did some work, made some calls in michigan. >> i love donald, but i think it's a bad move. it shows weakness and you're bringing the carnival. wrong move. bad move. >> what are you talking about? >> bad move. >> what's the carnival? >> i love donald, but if you're a serious political guy, shouldn't have to need donald trump. >> i don't understand. >> willie geist, the latter day abraham lincoln. >> i'm out of here. >> tomorrow, a big show on education tomorrow. stick around for chuck right now. >>> politics, the senate sinks into good old-fashioned take that mode. fights over birth control coverage, precisely why moderates like o liolympia snow feel there's no room for them anymore. >>> romney's campaign says he didn't understand the question. what's this pattern of romney roiling over some remark within hours of a big primary win. >>> and a look back at how rick santorum rocketed through the ranks of pennsylvania politics. and how did he go from winning four in a row to
. >>> romney's campaign says he didn't understand the question. what's this pattern of romney roiling over some remark within hours of a big primary win. >>> and a look back at how rick santorum rocketed through the ranks of pennsylvania politics. and how did he go from winning four in a row to getting clobbered by double digits? good morning, it's thursday, march 1st. let's get right to my first read of the morning. ten states vote on tuesday with the big prize being ohio. but this morning, we do have new results to report from wyoming. the 11th state that hands out a couple of delegates on super tuesday. romney won wyoming non-binding precinct straw poll. 39% of the voter over rick santorum, only about 2,100 republicans participated. smaller than the average cpac straw poll. it is simply an indicator of how the state may vote in its upcoming townee and state conventions, where 26 of the 29 delegates will be bound. we also have our final results from michigan. and it is a romney/santorum split. 15 each. wednesday morning, santorum declared michigan a tie. by mid afternoon, he challenged report
. >>> super mitt. >> i'm not going to let you down. i'm going to get this nomination. >> mitt romney lands his lead with super tuesday wins but can't land the knockout blow. >> we need a fighter. >> rick santorum keeps hanging around thanks to the romney doubters in the reddest of red states. >> we have won in the west, the midwest, and the south, and we're ready to win across this country. >> and newt gingrich. have you learned not to count him out? >> there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. i am the tortoise. i just take one step at a time. >> the republican race moves forward on your early start. >>> and a very good morning to you. it's two minutes past 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. and it's a very "early start." >> i'm ashleigh banfield. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. let's get started. >>> it is the morning after super tuesday. all candidates are still standing, but mitt romney is starting to sound more like the nominee. here's where we stand the morning after. romney took ohio and alaska, two races that weren't called until most of you were sound asleep. he also won massachusetts
. the obama campaign takes no chances sending vice president biden back out to hammer mitt romney. the supreme court wraps up three days of high-stakes debate about the obama health care law. some parts are overturned, what will congress do? >>> up first, some dramatic breaking news. new details of jetblue flight 191 and new federal charges against the pilot alleged to have gone on a rampage and screamed about a bomb on boar. captain clayton osborn is accused of interfering with the flight crew. listen to this outburst captured bypass jers. >> oh, my god, imso distraught. we've got israel. we've got iraq. >> lizzie has been pouring over this new affidavit. >> a lot of details are eyebrow raising. it walks us through what happened in the cockpit and the cabin. what you realize is that pretty quickly, the first officer had a sense something wasn't quite right. i want to read to you a couple parts of the affidavit after cruising cruisi cruising altitude. he yelled over the radio to air traffic control and instructed them to be quiet, turned off the radios and started dimming the mon stores and ad
and -- three of then last week, certainly romney could leave some of the -- but the most important prize today is ohio. our latest cnn poll shows romney is neck and neck with rick santorum who needs a big day of his own. let's go straight to jim acosta. he's on the scene for us in ohio. what's the latest there, jim? >> reporter: wolf, ohio mike the marquee state in the super tuesday states up for grabs, but you wouldn't know it. none of the candidates were out in the state looking for votes, but rick santorum will be in steubenville, ohio later tonight with the hope that mitt romney's past will finally catch up with him. >> i'm sorry my super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. >> and the -- mitt romney appeared via satellite before a conference staysed bied pro-israeli lobby aipac, slamming the president's record. >> hope is not a foreign policy. >> reporter: not to be outdowned rick went in person. >> if they do notary down the facilities, we will tear them down ourselves. >> reporter: while the candidates were off the trail, the ads did some trash talking for
that the race is over, even if the other three guys just won't quit. but to drive his point home, mitt romney is rolling out endorsements and focusing his fire almost exclusively on president obama. >> i think it is important for us to selection a nominee and get on with a campaign that will focus on two very different visions for america -- the one presented by president obama and the one presented by me if i were to be the nominee. gwen:he is sitting there next to george h.w. bush and barbara bush as hay they endorsed him yesterday. is he going to get a clear running field with those endorsements? >> you certainly think so. not necessarily because he has won over all republicans from the atlantic to the pacific, but because time is running out. it's the end of march. 29 states, all the territories, have voted, but he's still not even halfway there in terms of delegates. not necessarily his fault but the rules are different this time with a winner take all versus proportional but he's close to this. the wisconsin primary next tuesday is probably the place where rick santorum will make one of
. and tonight they are showing. this mitt romney is winning among voters who say electability and the economy are their top priorities. and more than half of illinois voters tell us the economy is their number one issue. our exit polls show rick santorum is the top choice of, quote, very conservative voters. but when it comes to strong supporters of the tea party, mitt romney has a slight lead. we'll go into the numbers in more detail in just a moment. illinois is the biggest primary prize since florida. 54 delegates up for grabs tonight. but rick santorum is eligible to win but 44 of them. paper work problemsy the again. we are also hearing about trouble with some those ballots. steve brown has the latest on that and more from our exit polls coming up in just a moment. first to carl cammeron. campaign carl in illinois. it really sort of sounds like the expectations game wrapped up in what the two candidates are saying today and they tell a lot of the story. >> when candidates begin to make predictions and talk about the outcome, it's usually a pretty good sign of what they expect. in this ca
are ready to win across this country. ♪ host: the victories were split last night with mitt romney taking his home state, squeezing out a victory in ohio and winning in alaska in virginia. rick santorum wins and north dakota, oklahoma, and tennessee. all candidates vowed to fight on. political observers say none of them will lock up the nomination until possibly may. good morning. it is wednesday, march 7. we will go through the results this morning with all of you and get your thoughts. let's divide the lines by supporters. those in support for newt gingrich -- ron paul -- you can also send us your e- mails, or send us a tweet. you could post your comments on our facebook page. and newt gingrich was able to score a victory in georgia last night, his home state. the biggest delegate prize from super tuesday. the state doles out the delegates proportionately. his win in his home state is the first victory for him since south carolina in june you worry. the former speaker about to bite on lost tight with the southern strategy. >> i want you to know in the morning we're going on to alabama o
woman, a husband and a wife. >> romney said he was not for the bill and then he said he was m misunderstood. >> after his consultants talked to him and then he came back and said i didn't understand the question. >>> conservative andrew breitbart is dead after the age of 43. he was behind several big political stories that sparked plenty of outrage. new details on how he died. >>> the president's dinner proved po be touching and a little funny. >> i came because i was expected to duet tonight. i thought maybe we were going to hear you and my irish friend sing, mr. president. i'm betting down. >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following the knock down of senator roy blunt's amendment that would allowed employers to cover certain health services. the volt was 51-48 against the measure. the debate was intense, personal and even times came down to gender. >> we have men on the other side of the aisle here for the most part with a little assist telling women what their rights should be. i cannot believe this battle. >> the united states senate had 83 women and 17 men rather
economy and the american experiment. but first up, we're going to sizzle with mitt romney who sizzled in a comeback in michigan and also swept arizona. he snags victory from the jaws of defeat and i think he did it by touting his supply side tax and economic growth plan. we're going to get to our panel in a moment. but first up, robert costa of the national review with all of the latest h. good evening, bob costa. >> look, mitt romney got the momentum out of michigan, but it's a more complicated story. he split the delegates. 30 delegates in michigan, santorum walks away with 15, romney walks away with 15. so romney got the momentum, he wrote his tax cut, his big speech on friday, into victory in michigan by a couple of points, but in super tuesday, santorum's not out of this hunt. >> what does romney have to do to stay on message? i agree with you that tax cuts and santorum's miserable performance on extreme culture war, i think the tax cuts did it. what does he got to do, bob costa? >> look at what he said last night in his victory speech. it was a speech that really focused on the
presidential race as well with romney and santorum being questioned about this and throwing elbows over that response. it's likely not to go away. there was a defeat for this amendment today, but speaker boehner said he would like to find a bipartisan answer that would not be quite so politically charged. >> thank you very much. the vote is unlikely to go away, the fight is unlikely to go away. senator blunt says the issue will continue. he says there's broader issue regarding the coverage and what it mandates. joining me now to discuss it more, democratic senator. for many men and women they see the comments by members of the senate and think about the ratio of how few women are there to represent the voice of women compared to the men who are in congress. what do you make of the comments regarding gender in the senate today. >> the vote was 51-48. there were an awful lot of men who voted to table the blunt amendment today. i hope that we can now put this issue aside. we can get back to the bill that we're supposed to be working on which is highway funding, investing in our infrastruct
at a reporter, the mitt romney campaign suggests the former pennsylvania senator lacks the temperament to be president. >>> the landmark debate unfolding at the supreme court on this question. did congress over step its authority when it passed the obama administration plan that man dates you to buy health insurance? this morning the supreme court opened three days of oral arguments on whether the president's healthcare law is unconstitutional. even though cameras aren't allowed in the court inside, there were rare audio recordings and show the chief justice focusing on the key question, can the government force to you buy insurance and fine you if you don't? >> the idea is that the mandate is something separate on whether you want to call it a penalty or tax just doesn't seem to make much sense. >> it is entirely separate and let me explain to you why. >> it is a command. the mandate is a command. >> senior legal analyst jeff tubin was in the courtroom and he is here live. what is especially what happened today. >> something really significant happened today. there was a possibility g
. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum are both projected to win three states each. they are locked in a tight race in ohio. voters are taking part in primaries and caucuses in ten states. the contest will determine 1/5 of the delegates to the convention this august. the race in ohio has drawn a lot of attention. it's not clear yet who will win there. abc television reports romney has 37% and santorum 38% with more than 3/4 of the votes counted. abc also says romney is certain to win in virginia, vermont, and massachusetts. romney is a moderate. he has been the front-runner since the initial stages of the race. abc says santorum is certain to win in tennessee, oklahoma and in north dakota. he is a conservative. the former speaker of the u.s. house of representatives newt gingrich is also a conservative. he is certain to win in georgia. >>> rick santorum is posing a particularly big threat to romney in conservative stronghold states. the recent standoff between the catholic church and the obama administration over the president's bi
candidates right here in "the situation room." i'll go one-on-one this hour with mitt romney and newt gingrich. and then in the next hour, my interview with rick santorum. >>> mrs. history in t . >>> supreme court -- and the impact on the presidential election as well. president obama has an etch-a-sketch moment of his own. he goes on camera telling the chancellor that things will be changing as well. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." all that coming up, but first, a campaign triple header right here in "the situation room." i'll interview three republican presidential hopefuls today, mitt romney is on deck, rick santorum follows the next hour, right now the republican presidential can da aial candid. the former speaker of the house newt gingrich. spiker, thank you for coming in. eeveryone seems to agree that getting to the magic 344 for you right now before the convention isn't possible, do you agree with that. >> sure. look, i think the front-runner's clearly mitt romney. he's the weakest front runner in modern times, if he can get to 1144, he's the nominee. but if h
washington. >>> mitt romney adds six more states to the win column. >>> and the resource of the economies slows to a crawl in the latest quarter. grabbling the local dollar and reviving talk of easing. >>> hello. welcome to the show. you're watching the "worldwide exchange" with christine tan and me, of course. let take a look at what's going on around the markets. yesterday we had this big selloff struggling for direction. if we look at the movements overall in this index, we're higher but just by a fraction. they keep bouncing around. between upward 1% and 2% overall. looking around the region, though, this is how it's varying from country to country. in the uk, the ftse 100 is up by 1.1%. similar moves for the dac. the cac is moving. we are struggling to get back onto the upward trajectory after the selloffs we saw yesterday. just to remind you, the cac was down by 3.6%, the dax, 3.3%. let's move on to some of the other markets and see what's going on here. the euro/dollar, 1.018. as part of the big markets yesterday the euro lost ground against the dollar. we had the 1.8% move yesterd
romney, mitt romney's son, with all those other people. in the northern marinas islands. now leave me alone a for "weekends with alex witt." >>> storming a red state, president obama with a new message deep in the heart of texas. >>> surviving the south, will one of the gop candidates be forced to drop out of the race after tuesday? the reviews are in. is the new film about the 2008 presidential race worth watching? we'll talk to a tv critic. >>> it's electric and sticker shock may be the reason plug-in cars are not getting very far with the buying public. we'll examine some new reports. >>> good morning, welcome to "weekends with alex witt." let's get to what's happening right now out there as president obama is striking an optimistic tone with a new message. the president spoke in houston at fund-raising last night on the heels of a new report showing another strong month of job creation. >> over the past two years, businesses have added almost 4 million new jobs. our manufacturers are creating jobs for the first time since the in 1990s. the economy is accelerating, america is comin
in the races yet to come. but still for santorum to be able to beat mitt romney in louisiana, another southern state victory has the potential to complete santorum's argument that there are parts of the country that mitt romney simply can't compete in. santorum had a lead in virtually every poll for weeks leading into louisiana. mitt romney did not compete here aggressively. his campaign didn't spend any money at all. there hasn't been the type of romney advantage in terms of a spending edge over santorum here that there were in many of the preceding states. so santorum is likely to get a win. there are 20 delegates at stake. it's likely romney will get some delegates for a second place showing. he's likely to get somewhere in that neighborhood. newt gingrich fell far off the polls in recent weeks and may not qualify for delegates, which means santorum can claim a victory in the popular vote and perhaps the lion's share of delegates, but not necessarily blocking mitt romney mitt from competing here. >> rick: what about the string of los angeles that he suffered in the southern states in genera
for staying with us for the next hour. >>> the wyoming republican caucuses closed yesterday. mitt romney won. the washington state republican caucuses are on saturday. but the next big republican contest, the big pile of delegates, that's coming up on tuesday. super tuesday, march 6th. and in the lead up to tuesday, republican front-runner mitt romney is meeting the ohio media. >> the issue of birth control, contraception, blunt/rubio is being debated, i believe, later this week, that deals with or allowing employers to ban providing female contraception. have you taken a position on that? >> i'm not for the bill. but, look, the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception within a relationship between a man and a woman, a husband and wife, i'm not going there. >> "i'm not for the bill." "i'm not going there." that was mitt romney in an interview with the ohio news network, proclaiming that he is against something called the blunt amendment, or the blunt/rubio amendment. the amendment would let employers pick and choose what their employees get from health insur
shows santorum did split evenly the state's 30 delegates with mitt romney. santorum says if mitt romney can't win decisively in his homestate his entire candidacy needs to be re-evaluated. >> we won michigan last night by coming out of michigan with 15 delegates out of 30 delegates in mitt romney's homestate. being outspent 6-1. we went into his backyard. he spent a fortune, money he had no intention of spending, and we came out of there with the same number of delegates as he does we are in great shape. we're excited about what will happen on super tuesday. we went into michigan. i doen't know if you're listening, we went into michigan and pulled off the impossible. >> mitt romney arguing democrats are responsible for santorum's strong finish in michigan. >> they got the news from michael moore to barack obama's team to frankly rick santorum as well saying go play mischief in the republican party vote against mitt romney and try to give this to rick santorum. they don't want to face me in the fall. they would rather face rick santorum, so they came in large numbers and voted for rick.
is rick santorum. the presidential hopeful winning big and making sure mitt romney hears him loud and clear. >> for someone who thinks this race is inevitable, he spent a whole lot of money against me for being inevitable. >> the republican race, we're still in it. >> and newt gingrich promises to keep going and has a message for mitt romney! >> if you're the frontrunner and you keep coming in third, you're not much of a frontrunner. >> a whole breakdown of the results just seconds away. brian? >> and he's hung in. he's hung this american flag outside the auto shop for more than 30 years. now, the city says he needs to take it down or go to jail. >> what? >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> we should have made that scramble word mississippi combined with alabama. those two big primaries last night and here is a look at the results. could be labelled a stunning victory for rick santorum because he was not ahead in any of the recent polls in either of those states but he walks away the winner in both of them. >> and the one who didn't win probably has the most pressure t
obama in november. and fox news projecting now that person to be rick santorum. with mitt romney finishing in second place. analysts had predicted louisiana could be a three-way race between santorum, mitt romney and newt gingrich. now keep in mind, santorum won the primaries in neighboring alabama and mississippi, but analysts say voters in louisiana are a bit different. for example, that state has fewer people who identify themselves as evangelical, a group that tends to resonate with santorum. but tonight he had support from everyone, including conservatives and moderates alike, and it didn't hurt that mitt romney did damage control this week after an aide made comments comparing his campaign strategy to that of an etch-a-sketch. 1 in 5 voters said today those comments were "most important or one of the most important factors" in their decision at the polling booth. in this race for the gop presidential nomination, it does come down to delegates. louisiana with 46 at stake. only 20 of those, though, to be given after tonight's contest divided proportionately to the candidates
messages because of economy? >> absolutely, alex. there's very real concern, especially in the romney campaign. he's the fix-it guy, he knows how to turn the economy around, give him a chance. all of a sudden they don't want to look like they're trying to talk down the economy. interesting numbers they point to, which is 60% of americans still think we're on the wrong track. that's a tough number for obama. it's all about trajectory. if people feel like we're moving in the right direction, unemployment rate will still be high in november. if they feel like the president needs a chance to let his policies work themselves out, he'll get re-elected. >> molly, do you think it's dangerous to say at this point that america is coming back if you have people across the country that aren't feeling it yet? >> i think it's the only thing he can say. he has to strike that tone of optimism, convince people things are getting better. i think james is exactly right. it's all about which way people feel like things are going. no matter what number, what level that number is at, if people feel it's he
care, and he is the worst because he was the author of romney care. >>> at the top of the hour, good morning, everyone. welcome to "morning joe." >> did we edit that? did we take the bs part out? >> he actually said the word. i'm glad you didn't. it's monday, march 26. with us on set, we have msnbc and time magazine senior political analyst mark halpern, and msnbc contributor mark barnicle. hi. >> hi. >> you're here. >> contributor? >> how do you contribute? >> i want to know what you bring to the table. >> man, a lot of good stuff. >>> first of all, we have to talk about the final four. can anybody beat kentucky, guys? >> no. >> kansas. >> you think kansas can? >> kansas is really confident. kentucky is better. it will be a really good final. >> yeah. i mean, a couple of great games. boy, florida blew it. can you believe they just completely collapsed? >> actually i tuned that game out when i thought it was over. came back, and louisville was up. >> i was like, it's over. rick pitino now 11-0. can i just say i love pitino? >> you just did. >> great coaches left in the tournament. >>
mitt romney and rick santorum. what the voters are saying now. >>> another millionaire moment from mitt romney. we have the latest on the fancy upgrade plans for his california beach house with its four-car garage and car elevator. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >> it's looking more and more as if the supreme court will cut the heart out of health care reform law. that's the part which would require americans to buy insurance if that mandate is found unconstitutional and we won't know it until june. it's an open question whether the rest of the law could survive. the court wrapped up three days of historic arguments today. cnn's congressional correspondent kate bolduan and our legal analyst jeffrey toobin, they were both inside during the oral arguments. let's start with kate. what's your take, kate? how did it go today? >> wolf, after three days of oral arguments and four issues being debated and more than six hours of debate, this historic case is a bit exhausting and i'm sure even for the justices and for the attorneys arguing
primaries in alabama and mississippi next tuesday may be the last chance for mitt romney's rivals to halt his momentum. rick santorum would love to go one on one with him, but night gingrich may have a different story. joe johns is watching all of this for us. >> reporter: wolf, rick santorum just finishing up an event, and he's expected to head to mobile, alabama later tonight. this is a situation where he has already proven he can win in the south by winning tennessee. the fact of the matter is newt gingrich is such a strong presence here. >> reporter: in this speech santorum is suggesting there's a third man in the race besides mitt romney, but doesn't go much further than that. >> if you go out and deliver a conservative victory for us on tuesday this race will become a two-person race, and when it becomes a two-person race for the republican nomination, the conservative will win that nomination. >> reporter: but if you ask santorum directly about whether he or anyone on his campaign staff is calling for gingrich to get out, he'll tell you no way. >> if they're doing so, they're not d
are high for the president. they aren't small for mitt romney either who vowed friday he'll repeal the law. >> this presidency has been a failure. at the centerpiece of this failure is this piece of legislation back here. obama care. >> most americans want to get rid of it and we're among those americans. i want to get rid of it too. >> this is not the conversation romney wants to have. he's trying to shut down the republican primary. an opportunity for political opponents to remind republicans of clips like this one from 2008. >> you backed away from mandates on a national basis. >> i like mandates. the mandates work. >> beg your pardon? i didn't know you would admit that. you like mandates. >> let me tell you what kind of mandates i like. >> the ones you come up with. >> mitt romney is trying to shut down the republican primary eight days until wisconsin primary. rick santorum is all there for you. talk about a do or die chance for you in wisconsin. subject matter couldn't be better for you. we'll see how he takes advantage of it. members of the public have been camped out here outside o
not be surprised to see a late mitt romney surge and a three way tie with newt gingrich. santorum won in alabama and mississippi. but voters in louisiana are a bit different. that is viewer -- fewer group that is evangelical . a group that is mitt romney territory. it comes down to delegates. louisiana with 46 to give away. only 20 of them will be given out and divided up to candidates who get 25 percent of the vote. the rest will be in june. karl cameron is in the big easy . karl we are getting exit poll results. >> that's right. as you described; this is important event for rick santorum and looks like he will be on track. possibility of a three-way tie look slim. indications that newt gingrich had faded significantly and mitt romney was off of the pace but able to qualify for delegates if he stays about that he will take delegates out of louisiana. voters in louisiana were asked not with standing their own choice who is most likely to beat president obama. romney lead over santorum and newt gingrich way back. the top issue is 53 percent say it is the economy and followed by the federal budget
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